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Irene Allison

Women's Fiction,
Stories of Courage, Healing, and Love

Finding ourselves
through story

If you like stories that illuminate the shadows in our daily lives, stories of ordinary people who triumph over adversity -- over difficult relationships, betrayals and loss -- stories of people finding the heroic within to heal self and others... then you've come to the right place.


I write sensitive stories about unique characters facing difficult journeys with no guarantees. Contemporary tales that weave together the power of courage and forgiveness. With a touch of humor, to light the way!

Dear readers, I'll be sharing recommendations of stories with a heartfelt core and revealing a touch of my writer’s journey. Join my Circle and discover what triggered Angie's struggles from my upcoming novel, Angie's Song. She's someone you'll want to cheer for!

My Writing, My Books.

... open a book and find something precious!

I love stories and I'll bet you do too! Stories can change lives, inspire, inform, and touch us in ways unexpected, often as a special pleasure, sometimes as a comforting hug.


Here are my books:

Angie's Song


What if nobody understands the song of your heart?

Yearning for a future in music, down-on-her-luck Angie endures a hardscrabble island life. Assailed by self-doubt, an interfering mother, duplicitous boyfriend, betrayal, and pressure to sell out, what will it take for Angie to find the courage to claim her power and unleash her magnificent gift?


To cheer Angie on and discover the story of how her struggles began, join my Circle.

Stay, Breathe with Me:
The Gift of Compassionate Medicine

An IAHPC Book of the Month!

In a passionate plea to revive the lost art of care in modern medicine, Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine portrays patients as injured storytellers with wisdom that is crucial to their care.

Short. Authentic. Heartfelt!

Sometimes we hunger for a shorter read or a listening experience that shines a light on life's struggles with compassion and hope. If you feel that way, come along to muse with me in my collection of essays, articles, reviews, and podcast interviews. 

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Stay in touch... Say hello... Share your thoughts about all things story... especially the compassionate ones. Or let me know of the books, essays, podcasts, and films you love that showcase how, no matter our challenges, we can support one another, and celebrate the best of the human spirit!