Irene Allison


In both women's fiction and non-fiction, Irene writes from the heart to illuminate life's shadows with stories of courage, healing, and love where ultimately, no matter the losses, compassion wins.

Meet Irene...

After a lifetime of travels and years spent in England, France, Italy, and Scotland, from big cities to small, and even off-grid on the remote edge of nowhere in the northern wilderness, Irene settled on a lovely (and mostly civilized) Canadian island, where there's not a single predator in sight!


Ah ... but that is a whole other story!


What matters to Irene?

  • Loved ones, friends, and family, pussycat too... of course!
  • Compassion, sharing, and equality.
  • Mother Earth ... because she's irreplaceable! 
  • Everything from the garden, especially kale and garlic! 
  • Books ... and more books. Films too!

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The Early Years

... every life tells a story!

Irene's mother was a warrior-healer, a poet and nurse, her father, a bagpiper with a flair for story. And then there was grandma.

Irene's grandma possessed the gift of "second sight" ... and an uncanny power for healing the wounded. First to come for help was a large swan with a broken wing, who knocked at her door with its beak. Then came the women. 


In the small Scottish village where grandma lived, her reputation grew. And one by one the women came. Grandma was always ready with a big black kettle boiling on the coal-fired stove because she understood the magical, healing power of listening to the stories of those who deeply needed to share.


As a little girl, Irene's mother grew up mesmerized by the hiss of that kettle, and a feeling of magic as she witnessed that once the women had shared their stories and a cup of tea, they left with a spring in their step. This, she understood, was the key to healing, a gift she shared widely with the dying and chronically ill through her pioneering work in Palliative Care. 


Irene's father blended his love for musical poetry in ancient Highland piping, with his love of literature and opera and a playful sense of humour.


For young Irene it was fertile ground, nourished by her very first library card at the age of six and its promise of endless reading. 


As Irene made her way throughout the world, she never forgot those invisible seeds planted by her grandma, mother, and father, who blessed her with a never-ending awe of the power and enchantment of story.

Irene Allison Education and Work, typing on typewriter

Education and Work

Irene, a former technical communicator, author and teacher, practiced for years in France, Italy, the UK, and Canada, and taught in the Writing and Publishing Program at Simon Fraser University, a program from which she also graduated. 


Today Irene writes stories about healing from the heart. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from  Humber College (Toronto) and has attended both the Arvon Institute (Scotland) and UBC's Booming Ground (Vancouver).

Irene's Books

...always come from the heart!

Angie’s Song


What if nobody understands the song of your heart?


Yearning for a future in music, down-on-her-luck Angie endures a hardscrabble island life. Assailed by self-doubt, an interfering mother, duplicitous boyfriend, betrayal, and pressure to sell out, what will it take for Angie to claim her power and unleash her most magnificent gift?


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Stay Breath with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine

An IAHPC Book of the Month!


In a passionate plea to revive the lost art of care in modern medicine,
Stay Breath with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine portrays patients as injured storytellers with wisdom that is crucial to their care.


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On the horizon...

... every story is a journey!

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Essays, novels, podcast interviews, and stories to come...

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

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