Angie's Song

What if nobody understands
the song of your heart?

A Novel by Irene Allison



About the Novel

For anyone who ever dreamed . . .

. . . yet didn't believe it possible . . .

Angie's Song tells the story of the complicated journey to forgiveness of a young woman who struggles to embrace her enormous musical gift despite everything and everyone who stands in her way. Women's fiction with heart, Angie's Song is a mother-daughter drama about harnessing courage, healing and love in order to claim one's power.


You'll want to cheer Angie on!   


Why not join my Circle and discover what triggered Angie's struggles and where it all began.  

... open a book and find something precious!

Irene Allison

Stay, Breathe with Me... Book Cover

Angie's Song

Women's Fiction with Heart!

Yearning for a future in music, down-on-her-luck Angie endures a hardscrabble island life. Assailed by self-doubt, an interfering mother, duplicitous boyfriend, betrayal, and pressure to sell out, what will it take for Angie to find the courage to claim her power and unleash her magnificent gift?

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In digital format (eBook) or paperback 

The Author

Irene, a former technical communicator, author and teacher, practiced for years in France, Italy, the UK, and Canada, and taught in the Writing and Publishing Program at Simon Fraser University, a program from which she also graduated. 


Today Irene writes stories about healing from the heart. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from  Humber College (Toronto) and has attended both the Arvon Institute (Scotland) and UBC's Booming Ground (Vancouver).